Food for Fun and Funds

BONA Food for Fun & Funds is a skills development programme that enriches your life by showing you how to bake and cook for profit.

fried chicken

Food for comfort

4 scrumptious fried chicken recipes to suit every taste-bud.
colourful soups

Colourful Soups

4 colourful soups to impress your loved ones this Winter.
Raosted Butternut and Beetroot Salad

A new spin on beetroot

Kick things up a notch with these 3 scrumptious beetroot dishes.
hearty soup

A spoonful of comfort

Two hearty soup recipes to help you beat the cold.
stuffed chicken

Stuffed Chicken

Try this delicious stuffed chicken recipe!
Ways to prepare your fruits and veggies

5 ways to prepare your fruits & veggies for effective weight loss

Try these healthy ways to prepare your fruits and veggies and eat yourself into a healthy lifestyle.
pizza base

A simple pizza base

Follow this step-by-step guide to master the art of making the perfect pizza.
Brinjal Fries

Brinjal – the all-rounder

Showcase the versatility of brinjal with these 3 finger-licking recipes.
Beetroot and Carrot Salad

3 healthy and warm salads

Try these warm salads to beat the chill.
Pilchards and Butternut Pasta

3 quick meals for cold nights

These tasty pasta dishes will help you keep the cold nights at bay!
spicy curries

6 wholesome and delicious spicy curries

Add a burst of flavour to your day with these spicy curry recipes.
benefits of rocket

4 health benefits of rocket you need to know

Enjoy the delicious, flavourful punch and health benefits of rocket.


Cabbage And Broccoli Curry recipe

Cabbage And Broccoli Curry

This veggie curry packs a punch and takes only 15 minutes to make!
Madras Fish Curry recipe

Madras Fish Curry

Looking for something easy and quick? Try this Madras Fish Curry recipe.
Parsnip Au Gratin recipe

Parsnip Au Gratin

Parsnips are high in fibre, so this meal is great for your diet.
Breakfast Sandwich recipe

Breakfast Sandwich

A double pork weekend treat.

Cooking with cabbage

4 different but tasty ways to incorporate cabbage in your meals.


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