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Get the hottest hair trends for natural, relaxed or braided hair as well as weaves and wigs PLUS discover the best hair products for every texture, length and colour. From protective styles to haircare advice, you next do is only a click away!

hair removal

Hair removal 101: the pros and cons explained

6 hair removal methods to consider.
Londeka Mchunu

9 times we obsessed over Londeka Mchunu’s hair game

Celebrity hair inspiration for your next hairdo.
Bonnie Mbuli

5 times we wanted Bonnie Mbuli’s hair

See why we're obsessed with Bonnie Mbuli's fabulous hair.
natural hair

8 things all natural hair ladies need to stop doing

Mistakes you need to stop making to avoid hurting your natural hair.

4 ways to decrease natural hair shrinkage

Easy techniques to help you fight hair shrinkage without turning to the blow dryer.
Bontle Modiselle

SEE PICS: 7 times we wanted Bontle Modiselle’s locs

Her dreadlocks give us life!
French plait

A play on French plaits

2 simple ways to add flair and flavour to your usual French plait.
relaxed hair

2 ways to style relaxed hair

Try these quick and easy ways to style your relaxed hair.
updo hairstyle

4 steps to an effortless updo hairstyle

A quick and easy guide to an updo hairstyle.
Twist out

WATCH: How to get a defined twist out

Here's your guide to your best natural hair twist out.
short natural hair

WATCH: 8 ways to style short natural hair

Try these quick and easy ways to style your hair and look fabulous.
Heatless curls

WATCH: DIY natural hair heatless curls

Here's how to achieve bouncy heatless curls in the comfort of your home.



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