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Planning on starting a family? Not sure about parenting styles? Need advice after divorce or on being a single parent? Use our parenting tips to help you be a better parent.

Amo Chidi

Amo Chidi celebrates her daughter’s first birthday with adorable pictures

Actress Amo Chidi has marked her daughter's first birthday by sharing adorable pictures of her little girl. She said in part, "I cant believe its...

Planning for a baby

Are you financially prepared for a being a mom? Samke Mhlongo provides steps that you need to take towards planning for a baby. Pictures: XX Every...

How to talk to teenagers about money

Is it time to talk to your teenager about money? Samke Mhlongo shares the importance of teaching them about money management so that they...
Dwyane Wade shares that his 12-year old will go by Zaya

Dwyane Wade shares that his 12-year old will now go by Zaya

Here's a look at what he had to say.
How to teach your kids to be assertive

Teach your child to be assertive

Children are taught to obey rules, be polite and not start trouble. But, they are not trained the correct way to assert and defend...
8 pregnancy myths busted

8 pregnancy myths busted

Pregnancy can be an exciting and scary time as you are flooded with information from books, relatives, friends and even strangers. We separate the...
Cedric Fourie

5 minutes with Cedric Fourie

We spent 5 minutes with Skeem Saam actor Cedric Fourie (30) who chatted to Kwanele Mathebula about how fatherhood helped bring his life into...

A guide to step-parenting

Starting a relationship with someone who has children can be quite a challenge. This might even be worse if the children’s other biological parent...

Talking sex with your kids

Dr Sindi van Zyl explains how to have “The Talk” with your children, and when. Talking sex with your kids "Mom, where do babies come...

5 minutes with Sechaba Gqeba

Motswako presenter and media personality Sechaba Gqeba (31) never considered becoming a mother until she met her husband. She shares how he has helped...
Discipline your child the right way

Discipline your child the right way

With the Constitutional Court ruling that corporal punishment is illegal in South Africa, here are healthy and effective ways to discipline your children.

Sibling rivalry- when to get involved

Arguments among siblings are not an unhealthy phenomenon. But, parents should be concerned when this becomes a regular occurrence because it can have a...



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