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Dealing with a bullying boss

Bullying doesn't only happens at school, your boss can also make your life at work difficult.

8 Triggers that cause depression in the workplace

Everyone has a rough day at work, but when can it turn into depression?

5 reasons to cut down on sugar

Cut down on your sugar intake for the sake of your health.

Get rewarded for being active

Think you have no time for healthy living or exercising? Think again! A healthier and more active lifestyle is within reach.

6 uses for toothpaste you never knew

A humble tube of toothpaste is packed full of uses - apart from its primary job. Here are the other uses of toothpaste..

6 veggies you can regrow from scraps at home

Save money, recycle and go green by finding out which veggies you can regrow.
oven cleaning tips

3 easy oven cleaning tips

Make this dreaded household chore much simpler by using these tips!

How to reduce salt intake

Ways to eliminate bad habits, such as eating too much salt, to live a healthy life.

Contraceptive methods you can try besides the pill

Learn more about other birth control pros and cons.
cracked heels

How to prevent cracked heels before they start

If you’ve ever suffered from umkeneke, you’ll know that it's no joke! Here are 6 ways to prevent cracked heels.

All you need to know about listeriosis

Learn how you can identify and protect yourself from the deadly disease.
natural allergy fighters

4 natural allergy fighters

Don't let seasonal allergies get you down. Try one of these natural allergy fighters instead!



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