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Don’t know how to change a tyre? Worried about car insurance? Buying your first car? Get tips and advice on everything car related as well as motoring news to keep you updated.

petrol station do's and don'ts

7 petrol station do’s and don’ts

Besides the obvious no-nos; such as lighting a cigarette, it seems we are oblivious to other basic petrol station do’s and don’ts. 
car sale scam

6 practical tips to avoid being a car sale scam victim

Do your due dilligence before ou sign.
Gals garage driving experience

Celebrate this Mother’s Month with a Gals Garage Driving Experience!

Isuzu, Driving in Heels and BONA Magazine have partnered up for a memorable experience.

5 ways you can reverse the right way

Safety first sis.

9 Road safety tips for joggers

All too often, joggers, cyclists and pedestrians are injured or killed by motorists. And sadly, many factors can contribute to this reality. Here are 9...
driving in a heat-wave

10 tips you should try for driving in a heat-wave

Don't hurt yourself

REVIEW: Idols experience with Ford Ecosport

Our beauty editor Grace Mantjiu shares her Idols experience with Ford Ecosport.

What to know when buying your first or a newer car

Vuyi Mpofu shares a few things every woman should know before buying a car. Purchasing a car can be a frightening experience. And all too...

Summer driving safety tips

By Vuyi Mpofu  Sometimes we need a reminder of the basic road rules. You know just so that we don’t develop bad driving habits which...

4 ways to deal with car sickness

Car sickness, sometimes referred to as motion sickness, is an unpleasant ailment that affects a lot of children and adults.  Moms will know all...
MiWay 7 safety tips for women driving alone (002)

7 safety tips for women driving alone

Safety is essential for good driving
This is why yoru car battery fails

Causes of Battery failure

We always dread it when our car battery fails.



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