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Shocking 3D nails that will leave you stunned

Nail art on an international scale has become bigger and more bizarre. These nail artists use 3D designs to literally bring nails to life.
home-made beauty tricks

7 home-made beauty tricks

Home-made beauty tricks from the comfort of your kitchen!
10 weird beauty hacks

10 weird beauty hacks that actually work

From dunking your face in ice cold water, to using whitening toothpaste for your nails, these weird beauty hacks definitely do the trick.
chocolate beauty products

10 chocolate beauty products you need in your life

Some of the best beauty products for your skin include an ingredient we all love: chocolate!
types of foundation

5 types of foundation and when to use which one

So. Many. Choices. We help you figure out the various types of foundations and which one you should be using.
make-up expiation dates

The make-up expiration dates you need to know

Do you know your make-up expiration dates? Here's how to find out how long your make-up lasts, and when it’s time to chuck it!
make-up tips

9 best make up tips for people who wear glasses

Make-up tips that will have you slaying beyond your frames.
mistakes everyone makes when applying concealer

4 mistakes everyone makes when applying concealer

Here are the common mistakes everyone makes when applying concealer.

7 ways you’re using your beauty blender wrong

These are the mistakes you need to stop making when using a beauty blender.
sweat-proof your make-up

6 ways to sweat-proof your make-up

Your ultimate guide to sweat-proof your make-up from head to toe!
beauty hacks

7 beauty hacks to save you time every morning

In a rush or in need of an extra 20 minutes? These hacks are for you.
Nivea Senses Packs

New year, new you

4 inspiring ways to make 2018 your year to glow.



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