4 winter skin hacks


No matter how much lotion you pile on, dry skin is almost unavoidable in winter. The lack of humidity and cold air affects your skin’s barrier; resulting in irritated skin. Use these tips to solve the most frustrating winter concerns. By Grace Mantjiu

Image: Pexels

1. Hack for dry lips. Lip basting is an easy way to hydrate dry and chapped skin using a thick layer of ointment on your lips. Your body will heat up the ointment resulting in intense hydration. Additionally, exfoliate your lips with brown sugar and olive oil, then follow with ointment for moisture. Do this overnight for optimum results.

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2. No more dry hands & feet. Hand cream alone isn’t going to give you soft and supple hands in winter. Apply cuticle or coconut oil to keep your cuticles soft then rub the excess on to your hands, followed by a richer hand cream.

Tip: If you don’t have oil, petroleum jelly works just as perfectly especially when applied at night because it locks in the moisture. This works well for dry feet too, wash your feet, apply petroleum jelly and cover in socks overnight.

3. Silky soft skin. Avoid harsh soaps because they strip the skin’s natural oils which lead to dry skin. Choose gentle body washes and moisturise with oils or body creams. If you have very dry skin, swap your body lotion for a body cream because they have more oil content.

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4. Healthy hair. Natural hair needs moisture, especially during winter. Using hydrating hair masks and hot oil treatments weekly will help you to retain moisture. Protective hairstyles are ideal, but you still need to take care of your scalp.