Dealing with a bullying boss


Bullying is not something that only happens at school, your boss can also make your life at work difficult. They can mock you at staff meetings, but then hog the limelight for the work you did. Dealing with a bullying boss can drain your motivation and confidence.

By François Gallet

Firstly, it’s important to identify the following warning signs. Does your boss:

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  • Force you to perform impossible tasks that are bound to make you fail?
  • Humiliate you in front of staff or clients?
  • Take credit for your ideas?
  • Block your chances to work on projects where you might shine?
  • Constantly criticise your work?
  • Ask you to work overtime regularly without compensation?
  • Fail to invite you to relevant meetings?
  • Appoint less qualified people to positions you want?
  • Give you work that is below your capabilities?

If the answer is yes, it’s likely that it’s something human resources is already aware of. Diligently write down all instances of career sabotage – including witnesses, times, dates the impact and adverse outcomes for the company.

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When to walk away. If you feel you’ve done all that you can do like showing humility, avoiding confrontation and sticking to the facts, but it’s not working. It’s important to walk away and safeguard your self – esteem and well-being. Don’t wait too long to leave because you’ll be allowing a toxic relationship to leave you ill or feeling abused, overworked, under appreciated and lacking in confidence.