8 Triggers that cause depression in the workplace


Everyone has a rough day at work, but when can it turn into depression?

We all encounter stress at work, but when can it trigger depression and what can we do about it?

We chatted to Dr Renata Schoeman, psychiatrist and leadership lecturer at the University of Stellenbosch Business School (USB) about how to overcome depression in the workplace.

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When can a work environment trigger depression?

According to Dr Schoeman, research has shown that the following factors at work (or in your personal life) can contribute to mental health problems:

1.A lack of control – an inability to influence decisions that affect your job – such as your schedule, assignments or workload

2. Unclear job expectations

3. Dysfunctional workplace dynamics

4. A poor job fit – a job that doesn’t match your interests and skills

5. A mismatch between personal and organisational values

6. Extremes of activity – when a job is always either monotonous or chaotic

7. Lack of social support – at work or in your personal life

8. Work-life imbalance

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“A lack of self-care also renders you less resilient and able to cope with the challenges of daily life,” says Dr Schoeman, “It is important to take regular leave – a week every three months or two weeks every six months.”

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