Stuck in a work or life rut? Here’s how to fix it


Being stuck in a rut can be frustrating, your life seems like it’s at a stand still but you just don’t know how to fix it. You’re not getting that promotion or you keep failing in love and your thoughts are going deeper into depression.

By Boitumelo Mmakou

According to Bev Hancock, executive and leadership coach, there is always a reason you feel stuck in life. It may be that you made quick decisions previously that have resulted in you settling into your comfort zone. Feeling dissatisfaction can be positive sign if it encourages you to change. There are ways to get out of a fruitless lifestyle and grow a passion for anything.

1.Have a strategy. You need to think about creating a life strategy that will make your vision clear for the life you want to live and how you’re going to get there. Create a vision board of your goals or a regular diary entry of what you want to achieve.

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2. Zoom in, zoom out. To get out of an overwhelming place, find a way around it by looking at it from different perspectives. When you zoom in you’ll have an understanding of your issue, and when you zoom out you will have a more objective perspective. This will help you come up with a solution.

3.Work your strengths. Instead of dwelling on your weakness, work on perfecting your strengths. Set goals and expectations based on your strengths and also open you awareness to to the strengths of people around you to see who can compliment yours.

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4.Focus. The biggest contributor to the feeling of being overwhelmed in stuck is expecting to multitask. Mutlitasking diminishes effectiveness, increases fatigue and worsens stress.