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Looking for love? Here's what you need to know. From finding a partner, to sex and relationship advice as well as reaching #relationshipgoals, we've got it all.

Kurni Joshlin Hudson

Kurni Joshlin Hudson on overcoming abuse

Kurni Joshlin Hudson opens up to us about overcoming domestic abuse, rape and violence.
Moshe Ndiki

WATCH: Moshe Ndiki’s ultimate guide to December-proof your relationship

The ultimate guide to saving your relationship from December fever.
Gugu Zinhle Masango

How Gugu Zinhle Masango overcame domestic violence

See how Gugu Zinhle Masango's pain became her gain.
Nicola Camposreal

Church leader speaks against abuse

She opens up about all kinds of abuse that she's endured.

Arguing 101

Here are 6 rules to arguing peacefully.
Palesa Maphosa

Palesa Maphosa speaks out about being raped by 7 men

Palesa Maphosa opens up to us about her ordeal.
Chwayita Ngamlana

Chwayita Ngamlana’s book about an abusive relationship

Chwayita Ngamlana's book is an eye-opener and a MUST-READ.
Sophie Ndaba

Sophie Ndaba shares wedding tips and tricks

See how you can plan a beautiful wedding with Sophie Ndaba's guidance.

Samantha Ngcolomba – In pursuit of justice

She chats to us about her non-profit organisation, Lady Liberty, dedicated to helping the poor. 

SEE PICS: Minnie Dlamini’s wedding

Minnie Dlamini is officially Mrs. Jones!

SEE PICS: Spikiri gets married after 20 years together

This is so adorable!

WATCH: Minnie Dlamini’s wedding special trailer

The show will be a three-part wedding special that will show her fans all her preparations for her big day.



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