5 ways to bring sexy back into your long-term relationship

ways to bring sexy back into your long-term relationship

It’s one thing to be concerned about your relationship being boring, especially in the bedroom, but the situation gets worse if it is long distance.

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Durex sex therapist Catriona Boffard shares simple ways you can bring sexiness back into your relationship.

1. Date Night. A date night can have a positive impact on your relationship, which will be felt long after you’ve paid the bill. Make an effort to surprise each other, flirt, dress up and try something new. When you live apart most of the time, your relationship can get strained. Make up for lost time by having a fun night together.

2. Communicate. Most long-distance relationships end because there is lack of communication. Reevaluate how you talk to each other and make an effort to be constructive not destructive. What happens outside of the bedroom means you’ll want to get into the bedroom slower or faster… or not at all!

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3. Sex should be a topic. Research has found that couples that talk about sex outside the bedroom are open, honest and know how to pleasure each other. If you find the topic awkward, start by reminiscing about sex you’ve had with your partner, or use a movie scene or magazine article to break the ice.

4. Don’t shy away from touching and kissing. You don’t have to have sex every time you want to pleasure each other. You can also focus on other things like cuddling and kissing. For a long-distance relationship, phone sex can help keep things going.

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5. Keep the distance. Have nights with your friends, spend time apart with your partner and enjoy time alone. This will make you miss each other and keep the fire burning. In a long-distance relationship, this comes easy. It’s true what they say about absence making the heart grow fonder.