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The many faces of love: is monogamy still relevant?

Given that relationship structures are continuously redefined and becoming more accepted in society, how can you know for sure that monogamy is for you?...

Fling or something serious?

Flings can be emotionally thrilling rollercoaster rides. And, as fleeting as they can be, sometimes they can teach you a lot about sex, relationships...

What to do when you and your partner have different sex drives

Physical intimacy can be an essential part of a fulfilling relationship. But, what happens when only one of you has a bigger hunger for...

The best birth control for you

Dr Sindi Van Zyl explains the advantages and disadvantages of the most commonly used forms of contraceptive to help you find the best birth...

Your partner has cheated. Now what?

Zukiswa Dlamini looks at the pain of having to decide whether to stay or leave after your partner has cheated. This is a tough...
Carpo's version of Move For Me music video

What you need to know before saying ‘I do!’

Taking your relationship to the next level and tying the knot can be both exciting and stressful. So, we asked BONA readers to share...

Keep your romance alive

Whether it’s a new relationship, long distance or marriage, keeping the romance alive can help things last longer and keep both of you satisfied. By...
ways to use a condom without ruining the mood

5 ways to use a condom without ruining the mood

Have the best intimacy with the confidence of knowing that you are safe with these 5 ways to use a condom without ruining the mood.

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How to win at long distance love

Long-distance love can be hard to navigate, but physical space doesn’t have to mean less passion. With a bit of imagination and effort, love...

How to discuss celibacy in your sexual relationship

By Zukiswa Dlamini  Navigating sex in a relationship can be a pleasurable and fun part of intimacy. But, when problems or disagreements arise in the...



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