4 ways to maintain your natural hair


Anyone who has natural hair will tell you that the transition is not easy. It requires care, and you need to understand how to properly take care of it. Our Beauty Editor, Grace Mantjiu, shares a few tips to keep it in great condition.

Image: Unsplash

Here is how you can maintain easily:

1. Go sulfate-free. Sulfates may make your shampoo nice and foamy, but it can wreak havoc on your hair. They are extremely drying, and can strip the hair of its natural oils. Because natural hair needs all the moisture it can get, a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner is the way to go.

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2. Moisture, moisture, moisture. Natural hair needs a lot of hydration, particularly at the beginning stages of the transition. To maintain moisture and nourish the hair, use a deep conditioning treatment at least once a week.

3. Beat scalp problems. High tension hairstyles such as braids look great, but are known to cause hair line problems and damage to the hair follicles. Using a scalp treatment regularly helps nourish the scalp, and stimulate hair growth. We love the Pure Royal Scalp Stimulant Moisture Mint Therapy Treatment (R54.95) which is a root stimulating treatment that helps promote hair growth and strength.

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4. Sleep easy. Sleeping is pretty harmless, right? Wrong! The friction between brittle hair and a pillowcase could be more damaging than you’d expect.  Sleep on a silk pillowcase; this minimizes friction, big time. The Silk lady has the best pillowcases, check them out here