5 YouTube hacks for a healthy looking afro


Here are a few YouTube tricks and tips that’ll actually work to keep your afro feeling and looking healthy.

healthy looking afro

Everyone wants their natural hair to not only look healthy but feel healthy too. But your afro can’t achieve #frogoals levels if it isn’t healthy.

It’s 2018, so when we need to know how to do something, we turn to YouTube, and looking after your afro is no different. These five YouTube hacks will have your natural looking and feeling its absolute best.

1. Drying your afro. Apparently, using an old t-shirt instead of a towel will eliminate frizz and breakage after shampooing and conditioning your hair. Genius!

2. Getting in that workout. It’s more than possible to get a good workout with your natural hair. Take a few minutes to moisturize your scalp and apply conditioner to your hair. The heat from your body during your workout will actually help to lock in moisture for extra-soft curls, keeping your afro nice and healthy. Just be sure to cleanse your scalp post-workout.

3. Removing build-up. The build-up of products can hinder the health of your afro.If you’re wearing braids as a protective style and you discover dirt near the root of each braid, you can spray an apple cider vinegar and water mixture to loosen up the build-up and avoid breakage when taking down the style.

4. Steam it up. Adding steaming to your hair regimen helps ensure your textured strands remain healthy and hydrated. Even better, you don’t have to get a steamer to do so.

5. Refreshing old twist-outs. Twist-outs are a great way to beat the shrinkage that often happens to natural hair without heat. But it’s no secret that after the first two days most twist-outs and braid-outs start to look old. this video shows how to keep your twist-out looking fresh all week long.

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