3 ways to take care for your lingerie

ways to take care for your lingerie
ways to take care for your lingerie

Lingerie gives you a lovely boost of confidence, but if you’re just tossing them in the washing machine, chances are it will feel like you’re replacing your good undies way too often.

Here are 3 ways to take care for your lingerie and ensure that they remain looking sexy and sassy for as long as you need them…

1. Washing machine. You probably let out a collective groan at the news about the washing machine! Don’t worry, we’re not suggesting you spend gruelling hours hand-washing your smalls, but bras, especially of the underwired variety, really don’t do well in modern washing machines. The colour fades, the fabric and elastic wears out and they lose their shape and ability to support you.

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2. Good news. The good news is most bras don’t need washing as often as we think –  unless it’s a sports bra – which should be washed at every wearing. Your bra needs a ‘rest’ daily for the elastic to cool and reform more than it needs a wash.

Rotate from two to three good bras regularly. While a quick hand wash in a delicate fabric cleaner really is the best way, you can get away with a gentle washing machine cycle if you use a lingerie bag and opt for no-spin.

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3. Undies. Undies, meaning ‘knickers’ are a little more difficult, as you really do need the bacteria-cleansing properties of a washing machine, but opt for gentle cycles, delicate laundry liquid, a lingerie bag and no spin to keep them looking better for longer.

Dry your delicates flat, preferably out of direct sunshine, and avoid the dryer at all costs.

Your smalls will thank you.