5 common mistakes women make when buying a new bra

bra shopping

Going bra shopping can be a daunting task for many women, and a whole lot of us report that we resort to wearing uncomfortable or unflattering bras.

The right bra is more than just a sexy ‘accessory’ that only you know about – the correct bra will improve your posture, help shape and lift your bust, and give your overall silhouette a quick nip ’n’ tuck.

Likewise, the wrong bra can lead to back problems, irritated skin and can even make you look older than you are!

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So take notes ladies, here are five bra shopping no-nos to never forget:

1. Choosing an ill-fitting back band. Most of the support you get from a bra comes from the back band, making this the most important part of the bra. If the back band is too loose, your bra can ride up, which is a clear sign the band is too loose.

This can also make your breasts look, well, saggy (which will make you look older than you are).

When shopping for a new bra, remember that you might have to go one size down from your normal dress size. If you’re a size 36, you might need a size 34 band. The band should feel snug around your chest, but not dig into your sides.

2. Incorrect cup size. Whether you are getting one size too big or small, the incorrect cup size will leave your breasts either spilling out of your bra, or sagging inside. Either way, you’re doing your shape an injustice!

The right cup size should fully accommodate your breasts, without leaving any gaps, or worse, causing overflow.

Both of these can give the wrong shape to your décolletage under even the best of outfits.

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3. Buying bras without enough support. The underwire of a bra increases the support a bra gives you. So even though that cute lace bra may look gorgeous, you’re leaving your girls hanging – literally. The right underwire shouldn’t dig into your breasts, or be too low riding on your rib cage.

If you’re looking to add to your volume, a padded underwire bra will be your best friend. But if you’re looking to decrease your size, the correct underwire will lift, separate and shape your breasts giving them a smaller, but more shapely appearance.

4. Working on last year’s sizes. This is one rule you should never forget – you need to have a bra fitting at least once a year! Most reputable underwear brands offer this service in-house – and most offer it free of charge. As we get older, our bodies change.

This can be due to weight loss or gain, having children, or simply getting older. So it is imperative to check that you are still wearing the right size for your new body.

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5. Not spending the money. We all love a bargain, but there are some things in life you just shouldn’t be skimping on. A great bra is one of those – after all, you wear a bra every day!

Spending a little more on a few basic, quality and well-fitting bras will save you cash in the long run. Wherever you choose to go, make sure the bras they sell feature high-quality fabrics, well-placed underwire, and an array of sizes.

The sales team should be very knowledgeable and be able to advise you on the right size and style to perfectly suit your shape and needs.

Be sure to bring along a simple white T-shirt to try on over the bra – if it looks good under a simple top, you will look great under any outfit.

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