Catching Up With Bridget Masinga


In 2002, she was runner up (2nd Princess) for Miss South Africa; fast-forward several years later, Bridget is a well-known television presenter and radio personality, and evidently a great dancer judging from her participation on Strictly Come Dancing this year. This is what she has to say about her career in the entertainment industry: b2

How exactly did you get the job with Jacaranda?

I got a call from Tumelo Diaho-Monaheng, the programmes manager at Jacaranda FM, whom I worked with when I was at YFM. He arranged a meeting with the station’s management and they offered me the job, which I took.

Jacaranda is perceived as an Afrikaans-dominated station with little or no market for the “black demographic”. Do you agree with this statement, and how do you fit into the station?

I am certainly not Afrikaans-speaking and am black. With that said, I must totally disagree with that statement. If anything, the station caters for every single person and has music for the young, old, black and white. There is a lot I offer the station; on my show there’s music for everyone. I also carry the multi-lingual ethos of the station. The station never had a female presenter with her own show during prime time; so I’m a unique addition, offering a fresh perspective as a young black woman. brd

Nobody saw this move coming, why take it?

I love that this was a surprise for a lot of people. I have been dying to DJ something different, and when this came along I jumped at the chance to challenge myself in doing something out of my comfort zone. I’m loving it! It has been an interesting challenge, allowing me to open up to a different audience. I also see this as a great opportunity to connect urban radio culture with that of Jacaranda FM.

Apart from Jacaranda FM, what else are you up to in the entertainment world?

I am focusing my energy on Jacaranda FM; trying to find my feet on the station and familiarise with the audience. The first month went well and I plan on improving. Prior to me taking time away from the entertainment industry, I was working four to five jobs, which got overwhelming; so I had to take a break. It is good to be back, but I want to take it slow.

Let’s talk fashion; you are considered a style icon. What’s your secret?

Keep it simple and solid; let’s not complicate things by following the trend of the moment and rather work with class.


Your hair and face are always on point, how do you make that work for you?

The secret to keeping good hair is a good haircare system. Find what works for you and do that. It isn’t always about the brand when it comes to beauty products. Work with the best ingredients for your skin type. It has taken me 34 years to know what works for me, so take the time to figure things out for yourself. When you get your good product, the less time you will spend on brands that won’t help you.

What is the one thing that you hate when it comes to beauty or hair?

Ladies with bad weaves. It is vital to treat your weave and not let it get to the worst condition. Women should also invest in a good head of hair – you can get a good weave at an affordable rate; there is no need to settle for the tacky weave textures.

What’s your advice on how to survive the industry as well as you have?

You can’t make a success of yourself overnight. It’s a process – do not ever think you can move from 0 to 100 just because you have the talent. Even the celebrities you look up to have had to put in the work. At the end of the day, this is a job like no other; it isn’t just a “gig” for the moment. Take your steps carefully and patiently.