Buried with skeletons

Buried with skeletons

If you’re a Rhythm City fan, then you know Bash. But, are you prepared for the next twist in his tale?

Bash, played by the talented Siphiwe Mtshali, has been on the daily drama, Rhythm City, for almost a decade. Now, he’s about to face his biggest challenge yet, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Just an ordinary guy in extraordinary circumstances

Bash is an ordinary guy who grew up under horrible circumstances that forced him to grow up quickly. He took up adult responsibilities at a time when he should have been enjoying his childhood. Instead of playing games as any child should, Bash was on the streets, hustling for his next meal.

Over the years, Bash has gotten himself tangled in sin. He’s been mixed up in twisted secrets that have turned his life upside down, from being in the middle of a baby-snatching case to a prime suspect in Bongi’s murder case. He is never far from drama. Now, just when he thought that he’s found a new lease of life, things take a sudden turn…

What will the future hold for Bash?

Bash discovers a big secret about Khulekani (Mncedisi Shabangu). He then threatens to expose Khulekani in exchange for funds that will help him out of his murder case. Unfortunately for Bash, life is a dog eat dog world where survival of the fittest is the most fundamental rule in the book. Khulekani will not stand being threatened by Bash. So, will he silence Bash forever?

Whatever you do, don’t miss Rhythm City this September! Every weekday at 7:00 PM on e.tv, Openview Channel 104 and DStv channel 194.