5 ways to manage enlarged pores

ways to manage enlarged pores

Aside from genetics, enlarged pores can be caused by two factors: how oily your skin is and age. Prevention is key when it comes to keeping pore size under control. By Grace Mantjiu.

Image: Pexels

The size of your pores is mostly determined by genetics. In this case, there is no way of making them smaller, but you can prevent them from stretching and getting bigger. When pores become clogged or filled with excess oil or dirt, a pimple, blackhead or whitehead may appear.  Here are a few tips to help prevent large pores from getting larger:

1. If you have oily skin, avoid creams that are too rich as they will clog your pores and make them even bigger.

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2. Avoid products that dry out your skin as it will go into shock and produce even more oil if it becomes too dehydrated. You need to strike that perfect balance of hydration so that your natural oil production slows down.

3. Absorb excess oil by either using blotting paper or foundations that offer oil-absorbing benefits.

4. Go for regular facials. This can help you to maintain your pore size and prevent them from getting larger. They also help to remove the deeply embedded dirt and oil that becomes trapped in your pores, stretching their size.

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5. Use a mask regularly. Face masks help to draw oil and deeply embedded sebum from your pores, which will prevent them from getting larger.