4 beauty treatments you can do while you sleep

beauty treatments you can do while you sleep

You’ve heard it at least a thousand times: sleep is your best friend in the world of beauty. After all, there’s a reason it’s called beauty sleep, but are you really taking full advantage of all those hours of shut-eye?

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Since your body goes into repair and rejuvenation mode, it couldn’t hurt to try out a few beauty treatments you can do while you sleep and ensure you wake up looking more refreshed than ever before…

1. Treat your feet. Now that it’s summer, your feet are out of boots and have slipped into some sandals, and those cracked heels and rough edges aren’t difficult to miss. No need to wait for your next pedicure – simply treat them to a foot mask while you sleep.

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Many brands actually have a foot mask that you can rub on your heels and other rough areas, but Vaseline works just as well, if not better. Simply apply before you get into bed, throw on a pair of socks (yes, we know, but would you rather end up with cream all over your sheets?!), and go to sleep. You’ll wake up with oh-so soft, happy feet.

2. Blitz pimples. After cleansing your face before bed, you can try a variety of products – many even swear by a blob of toothpaste on the spot. However, we recommend tea tree oil; dab some on before you go to bed every night until it’s completely gone. Another idea for a really big pimple is putting on a blister plaster; this will draw out all the gunk in the spot so you can start the healing sooner.

3. Hair care. One of our favourite beauty treatments you can do while you sleep is a good old hair mask. With all those heat tools and hair dyes, your hair really does undergo some serious damage, so using your sleeping hours to treat it is a great idea.

If you have a leave-in hair mask, you can use that, but coconut oil is a firm favourite in the beauty world. Slap some over your hair before you head off to bed, cover your pillow with a towel and catch some zzz’s. Rinse it out in the morning for soft, smooth, stronger hair.

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4. Just add moisture. We all know that dry, dehydrated skin is one of the culprits of highlighting the signs of ageing, so ensuring your skin is well-moisturised is a good way to avoid this. You can use an overnight face mask, but a humidifier will help your entire body (and hair!), and not just your face – especially during drier months. This is a must when it comes to beauty investments.

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