4 game-changing beauty tricks

game-changing beauty tricks

Just when we think we know it all, we come across some new beauty info. Here are some tricks…

Image: Pexels

1. To prevent clumped-together lashes, apply a little bit of petroleum jelly before you put your mascara on. It helps to keep your lashes separated and fanned out.

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2. Place eyeliner dots on your lash line as guides for perfectly symmetrical eyeliner – this is especially useful for winged liner.

3. If your lipstick feels particularly waxy, use blotting paper to absorb the excess oils without disrupting the colour on your lips.

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4. If you don’t have an eyelid primer, you can use matte concealer or a pale-coloured eyeliner to create a long-lasting base for your eyeshadow that will also amplify colours.