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5 minutes with Nontwenhle Mchunu

Nontwenhle Mchunu (35) is South Africa’s first black chocolatier. She shares how she’s educating local chocolate lovers one taste bud at a time. By...

How to talk to teenagers about money

Is it time to talk to your teenager about money? Samke Mhlongo shares the importance of teaching them about money management so that they...
A basic guide to claiming UIF

A basic guide to claiming UIF

Need to claim from UIF but not sure where to start? Here's a basic guide to claiming UIF to help you out.
Your job and your phone

Can your phone get you fired?

Many people cannot live without their cellphones, and spend so much time looking at them that screen time has become a health concern. Phones...
understanding your credit score

Understanding your credit score

If you’ve been declined for a personal loan or a dream job, it could have something to do with your credit score. Samke Mhlongo...
Thuthukile Moloto

Thuthukile Moloto talks managing a four-star hotel

We find out what you need to study and the experience you need in order to be a general manager of a hotel.
Palesa Mokubung

5 minutes with Palesa Mokubung

Palesa Mokubung is the first African fashion designer to collaborate with retail giant, H&M. She shares how she achieved this incredible feat for her...
Dany Gharzo

5 minutes with The Treat founder Dany Gharzo

If there is any way to complete an outfit, it’s by taking that trip to the beauty salon. Most people do their nails and...
Zethu Mashika

5 minutes with music composer Zethu Mashika

Zethu Mashika (34) is an award-winning music composer and film scorer. He shares how his love for creating things led to him stumbling into...
Lungisa Sonqishe

5 minutes with life coach Lungisa Sonqishe

He chats to up about his career and partnership with the Surf School of Shine, which is helping to fight youth unemployment in South Africa.

Everything you need to know about debt counselling

So, you’re in debt and looking for an affordable and hassle-free way out. If you’re considering debt counselling or consolidation, Samke Mhlongo unpacks what’s...

Live your best life on a budget

Samke Mhlongo shares ways to make your money work better for you. Pictures: XX I was surprised over the holidays when family members expressed that...