Money management

Too much month for your money? We asked professionals for their advice and tips on money management. Find out how people just like you have made their millions, learn to save, get tips on getting a home loan, buying a car and more!

ways to get a good home loan interest rate

3 ways to get a good home loan interest rate

Here are essential tips on ways to get a good home loan interest rate.

How to get the best from your stokvels

Known as the “Chama” in Tanzania and “Susu” in Ghana, the humble Stokvel is undeniably the most popular savings and investment tool for the...
home loan application

Correctly declare expenses in a home loan application

These are the 2 common mistakes people make when applying for home loan.
funeral cover amount

Choosing the right funeral cover amount

Here are three things to consider when choosing the correct funeral cover amount.
retirement plans

Factors to consider about your retirement plans when changing jobs

Thinking about quitting your job? Here are 3 things to think about for you retirement plans before making the decision.
safe online shopping experience

Top tips to enjoy a safe online shopping experience

Here are 6 tip to get you started on a safe online shopping experience!
clean your finances

Spring clean your finances

Here are 10 tips to help you clean your finances just in time for spring!
medical aid plan

6 questions to ask about your medical aid plan every year

Here's what you need to ask your medical aid plan.
Tips for bargain hunters to make sure youre getting a good deal

Is it really a bargain?

“But it’s 50% off if I buy now!” the little voice in your head cries as you pass the make-up counter at the pharmacy....

A lifetime in a day

Find out how you can sign up for the Metropolitan funeral plan!
Balloon Payments

Balloon Payments: What’s the true cost of your dream car?  

Still don't understand how balloon payments work? This breakdown will answer all your questions!
How to eat healthy on a tight budget

How to eat healthily on a budget

The rising food prices can make it hard to eat healthily so if you believe that eating well is expensive, then you are not...