Money Matters – Hire purchase & UIF

Buying on hire purchase Understanding the advantages and risks of a hire purchase agreement.What is the difference between a hire purchase and loan?Hire purchase is...

Buying a house when you’re single

If you’re young and working, you don’t have to wait until you’re in a permanent relationship before you buy your first home.

Money Matters – Borrowing

Plan for borrowingNeed a loan or just some extra cash on the side? You may need to borrow from the bank. But, before you...

Money matters

Avoid a credit crisisKnow and understand the difference between good and bad credit so you can establish a healthy credit record.The word credit does...

Here’s when you should consider debt review

Applying for debt counselling should be carefully considered as there are both advantages and consequences to this debt relief option.

9 Tips for drafting a divorce order

The sad fact is that divorce is a reality for many couples.

Tips for buying a house and saving on your home loan

Paying off your bond sooner will not only save you a lot of money; it will also put you in control of your future financial goals.

Budget for your December festivities now

The festive season is the time that most people overspend, and the consequences of this can be felt until well into the New Year.

Here are all the terms you need to know when buying...

When it comes to buying property, knowledge is your friend.

How to have a budget-friendly wedding

Planning a wedding? Here are tips on making sure you don't go broke doing it.

How to avoid being exploited when taking funeral cover

By the time most people realise that they've been scammed, they can't locate the provider. Avoid this.

6 Tips for preparing for the costs of having a baby

From medical aid to food and then later school fees; the costs of having a child increase each year.





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