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Too much month for your money? We asked professionals for their advice and tips on money management. Find out how people just like you have made their millions, learn to save, get tips on getting a home loan, buying a car and more!

home of your dreams

7 tips to save for the home of your dreams

Here are a few tips on how to save for your home improvements.

Shopped online and didn’t get what you want?

Online shopping is breeze. But what happens if you don't get what you expected?
achieve a comfortable retirement

5 ways to achieve a comfortable retirement

Here are a few financial habits to adopt when saving for your retirement.

Managing money in the spotlight

When the lights dim on your celebrity career, will you still be financially secure?
debit card misconceptions

5 common debit card misconceptions demystified

Do you have any debit card misconceptions? Here is the truth about them.
finding it difficult to save

5 reasons you’re finding it difficult to save

If you find it difficult to save, these could be some of the reasons.

Easy as 1-2-3 Home Insurance Claims

All you need to know about home insurance.
money lessons

4 crucial money lessons parents should teach their children

Money lessons are crucial for kids, here are a few things you can teach them early.

The impact of politics on your pocket

See how our political landscape impacts your money.

Meet our new finance contributor, Samke Mhlongo

She's bubbly, beautiful and brainy too!
Kgodiso Mokonyane

Spending habits of SA’s millennials

Spending habits that all South African millennials should avoid.
medical aid

6 ways to make your medical aid last longer

Tips and tricks to get more value for your money from your medical aid.



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