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Too much month for your money? We asked professionals for their advice and tips on money management. Find out how people just like you have made their millions, learn to save, get tips on getting a home loan, buying a car and more!

December debt

Tips on how to beat your December debt

6 pointers for getting out of December debt as quickly as possible.

Budget hacks to kick-start 2018

Here is a 6 step guide to smart money management.
Standard Bank Walletwise lady

Improved Banking with WALLETWISE

Standard Banks shows you how to be WALLETWISE.
Debit orders

4 risks of skipping debit orders over the festive season

Tips to help you budget and avoid defaulting on your debit orders.
African women shopping

5 ways to enjoy your pay on Black Friday

You’ll be guaranteed to have a fabulous pay day and Black Friday.

How to manage an inheritance

Here are tips on how to effectively manage a new inheritance.

How to save for your wedding

Here are tips to help you achieve your dream wedding.

Make the most of your tank

Here are 10 tips for better fuel economy.

Saving for retirement

Here are 4 tips to get you started.

Considering a joint home loan?

The pros and cons of a joint home loan.

Avoid overspending on funerals

Here are tips on how you can avoid overspending.

What it takes to get out of debt

Debt is not always a bad thing, but when it gets out of control, it can be very destructive.



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