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gym bag essentials

10 gym bag essentials

Just joined a gym club? Here is your go-to guide on what to pack in your gym bag.
benefits of rooibos tea

5 amazing benefits of rooibos tea

Here's why you should drink rooibos tea daily.

Why being a friend to yourself is important

Patience Gumbo-Chimbetete We often focus on building relationships with others and forget ourselves. We overlook an essential element of life – being friends with ourselves....
superfoods that help your skin glow

6 superfoods that help your skin glow from within

From avos to lemons and dark choclate - these foods are packed with nutrients that directly benefit your skin.
carb clever vegetables

5 carb clever vegetables – eat these freely on any diet 

These carb clever vegetables are ideal for cutting calories when you’re trying to stick to your weight-loss plan.
How to help your daughter prepare for her period or menstrual cycle

How to prepare your daughter for her first period

Every woman remembers how daunting and frightening it was when they had their first period. Here's how you can make sure that you daughter...
How to eat healthy on a tight budget

How to eat healthily on a budget

The rising food prices can make it hard to eat healthily so if you believe that eating well is expensive, then you are not...
Celebrities show us how they kept fit in winter for the ultimate summer body

Celebs prove summer bodies are made in winter

It's tempting to snuggle up and eat junk food in winter, but it won't help with summer selfies
Ayanda Thabethe

Want a body like Ayanda Thabethe? Here’s how to get it.

Ayanda Thabethe shows you how to get in shape this Winter!
Winter workouts

5 of the best Winter workouts

Keep your Winter training on track with these workouts.



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