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Find easy, quick and healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch and supper and all those special occasions. Try our tasty beef recipes, learn to make your own pasta or one of of our traditional recipes like traditional ginger beer! BONA has all your recipe needs covered.


The perfect side to your spykos feast

It may have a new look, but McCain’s range of chips are just as tasty – the perfect accompaniment to any meal.
hearty soup

A spoonful of comfort

Two hearty soup recipes to help you beat the cold.
stuffed chicken

Stuffed Chicken

Try this delicious stuffed chicken recipe!
Ways to prepare your fruits and veggies

5 ways to prepare your fruits & veggies for effective weight loss

Try these healthy ways to prepare your fruits and veggies and eat yourself into a healthy lifestyle.
pizza base

A simple pizza base

Follow this step-by-step guide to master the art of making the perfect pizza.

Brinjal – the all-rounder

Showcase the versatility of brinjal with these 3 finger-licking recipes.
warm salads

3 healthy and warm salads

Try these warm salads to beat the chill.
meals for cold nights

3 quick meals for cold nights

These tasty pasta dishes will help you keep the cold nights at bay!

6 veggies you can regrow from scraps at home

Save money, recycle and go green by finding out which veggies you can regrow.
oven cleaning tips

3 easy oven cleaning tips

Make this dreaded household chore much simpler by using these tips!
spicy curries

6 wholesome and delicious spicy curries

Add a burst of flavour to your day with these spicy curry recipes.
benefits of rocket

4 health benefits of rocket you need to know

Enjoy the delicious, flavourful punch and health benefits of rocket.


How to make a quick and easy summer chicken salad

Our Food Editor shows us how to make a light and yummy chicken salad in just minutes.

WATCH: Scrumptious Beef and Cabbage Salad recipe

Here’s a healthy and delicious recipe that'll leave you wanting more.
Vegetarian Wrap recipe

Vegetarian Wrap

Try this vegetarian wrap in only 2 steps.

Oxtail Stew & Samp and Beans

By: Dorah SitolePrep & Cooking time: 3½ hoursServes: 6Ingredients:1.5kg SPAR Oxtail 4 tablespoons (60ml) SPAR Sunflower Oil 2 medium onions, chopped 1 clove...

Deep-fried Pap balls stuffed with Garlic Polony

By: Dorah SitolePrep time: 15 minutesCooking time: 30 minutesServes: 6Ingredients:1 cup SPAR Super Maize Meal 2 cups (500ml) water 2 cups (500ml) SPAR...


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