The perfect water-proof glow

water-proof glow

The debate over whether or not to wear make-up while working out has been on the table for years. But, whichever side you choose, it is clear that athleisure make-up is a trend. Here are a few tips to master this trend if you’re a beauty and fitness junkie. By Grace Mantjiu

1. Dewy skin. Keeping your skin moisturised and hydrated is key. A few spritzes of thermal water or face mists give your face that extra boost of radiance pre and post-workout.

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2. Barely-there make-up. Applying heavy foundation, powder or concealers while working out is not a good idea. Rather go for a BB or CC cream to colour-correct your skin tone as they are much lighter. If you can’t survive without eyeliner, then wear a waterproof option. And instead of lipstick, wear a tinted lip balm to complete your look perfectly.

NOTE: Protect your hair. If you’re not wearing a sweat band, keep your hair off your face. Oily hair products can clog the skin when you’re working out. Additionally, hair products can clog your pores when you sweat, which is why you often get a rash on your forehead. Give your hair a conditioning treatment every two weeks. Ensure that you use hair bands and secure your wigs throughout your workout.

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4. Sun-kissed skin. If you exercise outdoors, then sunscreen is a must! Choose a lighter formula as oily sunscreens can clog your pores. After the workout, wash your face thoroughly and follow up with a rich moisturiser.