Thando Thabethe reveals why she resigned from 5 FM

Thando Thabethe reveals why she resigned from 5 FM

Radio presenter and actress Thando Thabethe has revealed whys she resigned from 5 FM. The star announced her departure from the after 6 years in March.

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In the lengthy social media post, Thando revealed that she learned that her show had been renewed for 2020 after meeting with the newly appointed programmes manager, Siyanda Fikelephi. She also explained that following this news, she asked for a R 2 00 increase per hour and two weeks off to shoot her hit TV show, House Keepers.

She explained that a few days later, she found out that her show had been axed. She said in part, “Fast foward the following Monday I hear that the Thabooty drive will be no longer as it doesn’t fit into the 2/5 year plan of the SABC. This info I hear from colleagues or people on my show.”

Thando also explained that she was the last person on her show to find out that her show had been axed. She said in part; “Fast foward PM finally sits me down on the following Tuesday to tell me that the show doesn’t exist…plot twist…I then hear that the powers that be were told that I DEMANDED a 20% increase and 6 weeks leave.”

She added; “I to this day am not privy of why the show was given and days later taken from me, without notice. I believe I am not the first neither will I be the last to experience this by the SABC.”

After being offered the Sunday 4-7 am slot, she decided to resign. She said in part; “I have ploughed many hours into the work that I do, and found this an insult after 11 years on radio. I then proceeded to resign. The current line up at 5FM is not a representation of the diverse country that we live in.”

Here’s a look at what she had to say.

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