Sweat-proof your make-up with these easy hacks

sweat-proof your make-up

As things start to heat up, sweating can take your look from fab to drab. When it comes to make-up, hiding sweat on your face can be difficult.

Make sure you’re summer ready with our easy tips to sweat-proof your makeup.

1. Cool your face before applying any make-up. Trying to apply any products while your face is damp, clammy or sweaty won’t end well. Stand in front of a fan, open the fridge or crank up the air-con so that you start with a cool, dry canvas. A few minutes should be fine.

To absorb any extra moisture, apply some powder to your face. If you don’t have make-up powder, you can try talc powder, but use it sparingly as adding too much will not only make you look paler, any product you apply afterwards will look caked on.

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Should you apply anti-perspirant deodorant on your face? The short answer is no. The skin on your face is very different from the skin under your arms. Deodorant is not meant for your face and can cause blockages and will probably irritate your skin.

2. Always use a primer & setting spray. Before you apply any make-up, apply a pea-sized amount of primer. This not only helps mattify your face and controls shine but will also help make-up stay on for longer.

Once your look is complete, use some setting spray, to keep your make-up in place for longer. It really works, so if you tend to sweat your make-up off, don’t skip it! These sprays also often have a cooling effect.

3. Skip powders and go for creams. Powders can look caked on and will clump if they come into contact with moisture. Rather use cream blush and eyeshadow in lighter colours. Darker colours will only emphasise any sweat.  

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4. Always carry blotting paper. Blotting paper will become your best friend. Instead of wiping off sweat (and in doing so, your make-up) use blotting paper to get rid of any shine or moisture.

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