What order should you apply beauty products in?

what order you should apply your products in

With a primer for this and a concealer for that, applying your make-up and other skincare products can be quite the tricky task… and does anyone really know where to start?

Well, while it can be a little bit complicated if you’re just starting out, it’s easier than you think.

And because we’ve got your back, we thought we’d make the process of applying your products as simple as can be, so read on to find out what order you should apply your products in…

Applying your skincare products in 5 steps:

1. Pre-cleanse or make-up remover. Some skincare brands offer a pre-cleanser, which is great for those who wear heavier make-up. Alternatively, you’ll start off with your make-up remover or the miracle-working micellar water to get rid of that top layer of make-up.

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2. Cleanser. Now get rid of the rest of the make-up, as well as the dirt, grime and oil that builds up throughout the day (or night!) by following up with your cleanser.

3. TonerToner balances the skin’s ph levels after cleansing, making this an important step in your skincare routine.

4. Serums. Whether you’re treating pigmentation, ageing or break-outs, this is when you should apply your serums  – after your toner and before your moisturiser (unless your product specifically instructs you otherwise).

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5. Moisturiser and SPF. Regardless of your skin type, you need to moisturise – day and night. If it’s daytime, apply your SPF liberally after your moisturiser.

Applying your make-up: 6 steps

1. PrimerThis is a step that’s often left out, and while it isn’t absolutely necessary, it can make a world of difference: your make-up will stay on longer, will go on easier, won’t look cakey and will be more even.

Primer also prevents make-up from clogging up your pores, so it really is worth the extra step. Some primers need to be applied before your moisturiser, so make sure you check the packaging

2. Colour correctorThose of us with redness, bags or pigmentation will have found the awesome world of colour correcting concealers, and this is when you would apply them – before your foundation.

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3. FoundationIt’s foundation time! Regardless of the type of foundation that you use, you want to make sure you distribute it evenly, getting into all the crevices as well as right up to your hairline and down on your neck.

If you’re applying heavy eye make-up, you may need to touch up the foundation under your eyes, as eyeshadow can fall under your eyes. This way, you can dust away the shadow, and apply a bit more foundation to cover up any mistakes.

4. ConcealerAfter applying foundation, you’ll see any spots or dark circles that still need to be hidden – this is when you’ll whip out the concealer. Be sure to blend!

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5. Eyes make-up, blush, lips. The order of applying the rest of your make-up doesn’t matter too much at this stage and comes down to preference. However, eyes, blush and then lips is often a good idea, so that you make sure you don’t go overboard.

6. Setting powder or spray. Make sure your make-up lasts as long as possible with a spritz of setting spray or dab of powder… you want to make your hard work stay put for as long as possible, don’t you?

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