Make-up touch-up cheat sheet

Make-up touch-up cheat sheet

If your make-up often looks worse after a touch-up, you’re probably focusing on the wrong things.

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Here’s our make-up touch-up cheat sheet:

1. Wipe away any smudges and smears with your fingertips or a foundation brush.

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2. Dab concealer onto spots and red areas, and blend in carefully.

3. Brush your brows and touch them up if necessary.

4. Avoid touching up mascara and eyeliner. You’ll land up with clumps and wonky lines.

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5. Touch-up blush and highlighter for a refreshed and revived appearance.

6. To avoid the ‘just-made-up’ face, help everything settle with a few spritzes of make-up fixing spray.

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7. Apply some lipstick before you head out the door – how polished you look can largely depend on the intensity of the shade you choose.

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