3 underrated beauty buys

underrated beauty buys

Hyped up beauty products come and go – but are you familiar with these three low-key staples?

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1. Clay masks. Clay masks have been around for as long as milk baths, and for good reason. Not only are they purifying, but they’re also soothing and mattifying. Try Avene Cleanance Mask-Scrub, R249

2. Clear mascara. Whether you want to lift your eyelashes a notch without the risk of 4pm panda eyes or whether you just need tidied up brows, clear mascara is a must-have. It gives you all the control without colour, so it’s a very low-maintenance product.

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3. Lip stain.Another must-have for low-maintenance living is a decent lip stain. It’s effortless to apply because it doesn’t require much precision, and it lasts for hours on end. You can also eat, drink and apply lip balm without a second thought.

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