Draping 101


As contouring becomes a thing of the past, turn to draping for a defined look. Grace Mantjiu shows you how

Draping is the new secret to highlight your cheekbones. And all you need are two different blush shades! These will help you to sculpt your face and make your features pop.

Step 1. Draping looks best on a flawless complexion, so apply the foundation for a smooth, even tone.

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Step 2. Using an angled brush, sweep the darker shade (one shade darker than your skin tone) horizontally along your cheekbones, starting from below the apples of your cheeks.

Step 3. Apply the lighter shade on top to soften your features and add colour.

Tip: If you don’t have blush, use lipstick in the same shade. Rub it on your fingers first before applying.

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Step 4. Spritz some setting spray on to set your make-up and make it last longer.