6 time-saving beauty products for the insanely busy woman

time-saving beauty products for the insanely busy woman

If you’re one of the many women whose days consist of running late, rushing and seldom remembering where you’ve put your cellphone, chances are there is minimal time to even think of having a beauty routine, let alone actually implementing one.

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Thankfully, some super clever folks out there have made some time-saving beauty products that will make your life so much easier. These are our favourites:

1. Dry shampoo. This holy grail of beauty products is everyone’s best friend, but for the insanely busy woman, this should be a bathroom cupboard staple. And, while you’re at it, throw one in your handbag, gym bag, car and desk!

Buying yourself another day or two on your hairstyle will save you a world of time in the morning, and while dry shampoo helps give your hair a cleaning boost, it also adds volume and movement, making it a win all ‘round.

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2. Lip and cheek stain. Another one of our favourite multi-taskers, this is a great product to pop in your bag to add a hit of colour to your lips and cheeks in one go. It’s perfect for giving you (and your face) a quick pick me up in a few simple seconds.

3. Root concealerAny super busy superwoman will know that there are just not enough hours in the day, which means that visits to the hairdresser are few and far between. For those of us who use those visits to hide the presence of sneaky greys and regrowth, nifty root concealer sprays and powders are quick and easy to apply and buy you plenty of time in-between hairdresser visits. These concealers come in a wide range of colours, meaning you’ll easily find the shade for you before simply applying to your roots.

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4. Moisturising shower gel. We all love to have silky smooth skin, but sometimes the mere fact that there was time to jump into the shower is a sheer miracle. A shower gel or cream that also contains moisturiser could be your new best friend, allowing you to essentially skip a step and use that extra time to snooe for 5 minutes longer. Genius!

5. Face wipes. Washing your face every morning and night is non-negotiable, but we totally understand that after a long and busy day, those 10 minutes that stand between you and your bed seem like a lifetime. Thankfully, most reputable brands have cleansing and moisturising face wipes that will help you wash the day off in just a few seconds, without drying out your skin. Just make sure you get all the make-up off to avoid those dreaded breakouts.

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6. BB CreamWhen time is of the essence, a beauty product that plays more than one role is not just welcome, it’s needed. A good BB cream (or CC cream, if you prefer) acts as a moisturiser, primer and foundation, all while assisting with your skin’s complexion. Most of them also contain an SPF, too, covering yet another step in your beauty regime.

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