3 eyeliner mistakes you’re making

eyeliner mistakes you're making

Ever wondered why your eyeliner doesn’t look as perfect/last as long as you would want it to? It’s probably because of these eyeliner mistakes you’re making:

1. You’re pulling your skin tight. It might seem like a good idea to pull your skin tight when you’re applying liquid liner to your upper lid, but it probably doesn’t look that great once you let go. Keep your eyes natural and work with controlled strokes instead.

2. You’re lining the inner rim. Lining your lower waterline is probably a habit left over from high school. It’s very likely making your eyes look smaller and closer together than they actually are though. Line in-between the lashes instead.

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3. You’re not setting. Even if you don’t use powder on your face, it’s wise to set your under-eye area with a dash of loose translucent powder to keep everything in place for longer.

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