8 tricks to make applying eyeliner easier

tricks to make applying eyeliner easier

Say goodbye to hours struggling to get the perfect line, only to have to wipe it all off and start again. Using one (or a few!) of these super genius eyeliner tricks makes it easy!

Why is it that when you’re already pressed for time on your way out, you can never just nail your eyeliner?

Thankfully, there are ways to simplify this often-dreaded make-up step that will make applying eyeliner easier, and you’ll be out the door in a matter of seconds!

1. Know your make-up! There are different types of eyeliners, namely pencil, gel and liquid, and they all have different consistencies, making some more difficult to apply than others. Word of caution: if you’re a rookie, stay away from the liquid liner! Pencil liner is usually more forgiving if you don’t have a steady hand.

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2. Keep it sharp. You’re making your life exponentially more difficult if you’re trying to do the job with a blunt pencil, so be your own friend and keep it sharp (and no, it shouldn’t hurt your eye… if it does, you’re doing it wrong!)

3. Lean on me! To help steady your hand, position yourself so that you can lean your elbow on something when you are applying your eyeliner. Balance your pinky finger on your cheek and glide your hand along – that wonky line should be gone!

4. Cheat it. If you don’t trust yourself to get it right free-handed, enlist the help of one of your other beauty tools: your eyelash curler. Simply draw a line with your eyeliner pencil on the part of your curler that touches your upper lash line, and then curl your lashes as you normally would. The pencil should transfer onto your eyelid, leaving you with a perfectly straight line.

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5. Join the dots. To make your life easier, start by drawing a bunch of dots or lines (depending on the type of applicator you are using) along your upper lid, just above your lash line. Next, join your dots or lines. They should help you achieve a straighter, more even line as you can see where you’re heading.

6. Stop pulling! Most people pull the skin on the sides of their eyes tighter in order to get a sleeker line, but then when the skin is let loose, the line is no longer quite where it was. If you need the skin tighter, try focusing your eye on the opposite side; in other words, when you’re lining the inside of your eye, look towards the outside. It takes practice, but we believe in you!

7. Enlist some help for your cat eye. Ah – the cat eye. It looks fabulous, but it combines liquid liner and a flick. And as if doing one wasn’t hard enough, you have to do it all over again on the other side and make it look the same!

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In order to get your flicks even, use an old bank card or piece of paper (or something similar) to trace along. Line it up with your bottom lid so that you’re getting the same angle on both sides, and end at a pre-marked point that you draw on beforehand. Easy as that!

8. Remember: make-up isn’t permanent! When all else fails, remove it and start again. Make-up remover, petroleum jelly, clear lip gloss or even water on a cotton bud will allow you to easily remove the blunder without having to take off all of your eye make-up. Dab a bit of eyeshadow in the spot and cover up with concealer if necessary and start again.

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