10 essential beauty products to keep on your desk at work

essential beauty products to keep on your desk at work

Make sure you have your desk stocked with a few essential beauty products for those beauty emergencies, and to make sure you stay looking just as good as you did when you left home.

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We’re sure your desk has drawers full of the usual office supplies like pens, highlighters, staples and Post-its. You may even have some of your gym gear on hand in case you forget anything at home, but these are the 10 essential beauty products you should keep at your work desk.

1. Face wipesWipes are really useful as they can clean up any spills on your desk or your new blouse just before a big meeting and, of course, they can keep your face feeling fresh and clean. This is a great beauty product to have at your desk, especially if you fit in a quick yoga session during lunch.

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2. Hand cream. Looking after your hands during the workday is important, especially with winter approaching. Make sure your hands stay nicely moisturised and soft with some of our faves.

3. Lip balm. One of the most important beauty products to have on hand all day long is without a doubt, lip balm. Air conditioners can really be dehydrating, so keep cracks away with one of these beauty buys.

4. Facial mist. The office environment can be draining, even on your skin. Air-conditioning systems keep you nice and cool on those scorching hot days but can dry out your skin. Keep any of these facial mist at your work desk for instant hydration. They’re also a great pick-me-up when you start feeling the afternoon slump.

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5. A bold red lipstick. Sometimes an unplanned client meeting or impromptu session with your boss pops up and you need a confidence boost. A slick of red lipstick is exactly what you need to make you feel a lot more together and look as amazing as you are.

6. Nail polish remover. Painting your nails at work is a definite no-no, but it is nice to have some nail polish remover pads on hand if you spot a chipped nail.

7. A visual pick-me-up. Whether it’s concealer, bronzer or highlighter, this is a great beauty product to have in your desk if it’s been a long day and you still need to go out and live your best life. Cover those dark circles, perk up your cheeks with some shimmer or some blush. Make sure to use a product that can easily be applied with your fingers in case a makeup brush isn’t on hand.

8. Blotting paper. The only thing that should be shining at the office is your amazing job performance and not your face. These oil-absorbing papers will keep you from looking like a sweaty mess from morning ’til night.

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9. Dry shampoo. Things can be a bit crazy in the mornings and sometimes you don’t have time to give your hair the attention it needs. Having a can of dry shampoo at your work desk makes sure you can always give your hair the once over so that no-one will ever know it was a hectic morning.

10. Your favourite perfume. A great way to refresh yourself in the afternoon is to spritz on a little perfume. There are tons of travel-sized perfumes for you to keep at your work desk. Find the right one for you, and stay smelling lovely throughout the day.

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