6 make-up hacks that will hide your hangover

make-up hacks that will hide your hangover

We all handle alcohol differently. Some of us better than others. Regardless of how those one-too-many drinks hit us, most women have one thing in common… and that’s how we look and feel the next morning.

Which, is usually like the life has been sucked out of us. Unfortunately, life doesn’t stop for hangovers. Work, brunch with the family or just simply mommy-ing will require you to be on your A-game – regardless of whether or not you feel a little worse for wear.

Luckily for us – make-up can do wonders when we’re not feeling our best.

Here are six make-up hacks that will hide your hangover. Because even though you may feel like death, it doesn’t mean you have to look like it, too… 

1. Moisturiser is your best friend. If we had to describe what hungover skin looked like in two words it would be this: Blotchy and dehydrated. And you are dehydrated, that is. Which is ironic, if you think back to how many drinks you consumed a few hours ago. But, just like you’re craving a cuppa coffee, your skin is craving hydration. Whack on some moisturiser as soon as you wake up to hydrate and ‘liven’ up your lacklustre-looking skin.

Side note: It won’t hurt to drink a glass of water (or two) before you fall into bed – so remember that the next time you arrive home after having a few drinks.

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2. Tinted moisturiser and concealer. Your skin needs all the moisture it can get – so opt for a tinted moisture or BB cream over your regular foundation (which might appear flaky if applied to dehydrated skin) to even out your blotchy skin tone.

Concealer is probably the most crucial element when it comes to hiding those bags under your eyes – a dead giveaway that you hardly slept the night before.

Use a lighter shade to get rid of any ‘baggy’ evidence. But, go easy, as too much can make those puffy eyes look even worse.

3. Highlighter. You’re still reeling from the night before – and so is your complexion. Reach for the highlighter and lightly brush it over the top of your cheekbones for an instant glow. Dabbing it on the inside corner of your eyes will brighten your just-rolled-out-of-bed look even more!

4. Mascara. Now is not the time to attempt a Kim Kardashian-like smoky-eye (is it ever?). You want to look wide-awake – not like a walking zombie, so applying a smidge of mascara is enough for the fresh-faced look you should be going for.

5. Blush. Liven up your cheeks with a soft-coloured blush – and get rid of that corpse-like colour you’re rocking from spending the latter part of your evening hugging the toilet bowl.

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6. Lip balm. To complete your dewy, not-hungover look, re-apply a nourishing lip balm to your lips throughout the day. If you have a lightly tinted one – even better.

If all else fails… And, you can’t cover up (excuse the pun!) your previous night’s shenanigans, then grab the biggest pair of sunnies you own and a strong cuppa coffee – and you’ll at least make it until midday.

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