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Looking for love? Here’s what you need to know. From finding a partner, to sex and relationship advice as well as reaching #relationshipgoals, we’ve got it all.

Recruiting The Right Friends

5 helpful tips on how to recruit the right friends and hope this leads you in the right direction.

When He Says “I love You”

7 responses you should avoid when he says “I love you”

Mother – Daughter Relationships

See what influence your behaviour has on your daughter.

Why You Will Never Find the One

Five reasons you are always stuck with Mr Right-Now instead of Mr Right.

Breaking The Online Dating Taboo

With the high increase in matchmaking sites, it can’t possibly be unacceptable to meet your future spouse online, could it?

Romantic Dates In Spring

Take your spring fling outdoors for a fun day of romance and activity in the sun.

5 Signs Of A Genuine Friendship

Is your friendship more than smiley and Facebook wall posts?

Financial Considerations Before Moving In Together

Thinking of moving in with your boo? Consider this first.
The Bachelor reality tv show is coming to South Africa an will air on valentine's day

The Dating Code

Prepare for your first date with these do's and don'ts.

Wedding Bliss With Gabrielle Union

Looking beautiful on your big day is essential. We show you how to copy Gabrielle Union's wedding look.

The Dangers Of Stalking

You might stalk someone without even realising it. Here are ways to find out if you're a stalker.

7 Life Lessons From Beyoncé

Even if you are not a fan, there is at least one lesson you can learn from Queen Bey.



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