Rules of engagement #LindaGetsMarried

BONA editor Linda Mali ponders the purpose of the engagement period.

Before you say yes… #LindaGetsMarried

With her wedding only a few months away, BONA editor, Linda Mali, is sharing what she’s learning on the road to the altar.

5 Celeb Friends Every Girl Should Have

When life throws you lemons, these five celeb friends will help make the lemonade.

Are You An Abusive Woman?

It may seem unthinkable for a man to be slapped around by his girlfriend or wife… but it happens.

Disclosing Your HIV Status

Thinking of disclosing your HIV status? Consider these four key issues first.

Learning To Love Yourself

Loving yourself is important. Follow these 5 steps to help you on your self-love journey.

Star Attraction

Media shy Mduduzi Mabaso, popularly known as Suffocate on Rhythm City and his wife, Fatima talk love and marriage.

10 Movies That Inspire Us To Love

Check out our top 10 movies that make us want to fall in love.

What’s Yours Is Mine

Take a look at the pros and cons of joint accounts.

Vat en Sit

Thinking of moving in together? We bring you the truth about Vat en Sit.

Heart to heart

8 steps to you help deal with difficult issues in your relationship.

When your man cheats

When your man cheats, do you forgive or walk away?



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