#BONAWeddings: Queen and Refilwe Nkosi can’t get enough of each other


Lovebirds Queen Mathosa-Nkosi (32) & Refilwe Nkosi (34) met in 2008 through Facebook. Queen, who submitted their entry for #BONAWeddings, says they chatted online for years before meeting in 2014. Refilwe was in a relationship at the time, so we spoke from time to time until we were both single. In 2015, we finally went on a lunch date.”

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After 16 months of dating, both Refilwe and Queen say they knew they wanted to be together forever. “We each knew that she was the one.” Although they were both certain that they wanted to take things to the next step, it was Refilwe who fought the nerves and popped the question. “We went out for dinner at a place down the road from where we stay. After the main meal, while I was looking at the dessert menu, she handed me a folded piece of paper. I opened it, and it read ‘will you marry me?’” Queen reminisces. She adds that when she looked up, Refilwe was already on her knee, holding out the ring. Queen said “yes!” without hesitation, and the beautiful couple was married in a traditional ceremony five months later.

The big day
The (second) big day was held in Joburg. “We had our white wedding ceremony on our second anniversary. We got married at Moyo, Zoo Lake. We chose the venue because it’s where we had our first dinner date. Also, we loved that we were able to get a buffet menu, so everyone could eat what they wanted.”
Asked what they loved the most about the wedding day, they exclaim, “Everything! We had our loved ones under one roof; all there for us.”

Happily ever after
The transition to married life was seamless. “We had been living together after dating for one year. This means we now get to live our best lives, waking up next to each other every day. It doesn’t get better than that!”

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No love story is without its challenges. For Refilwe and Queen, their families brought these. “We’ve had to draw the line with family members who didn’t understand that they couldn’t ask for things at the last minute. We had to get them to respect that we are a unit now and do things together. At first, this was a difficult conversation, but it had to be done,” Queen explains.

Keeping the love alive
Queen and Refilwe say they continue to give their relationship the effort it deserves. “We still go on dates, buy each other gifts and, most importantly, communicate our feelings.”

Queen and Refilwe’s top 5 ingredients for a happy marriage
1. Respecting each other always, no matter the situation.
2. Having some “me” time, and not doing everything together.
3. Accepting that they are individuals who do things differently. “If something bothers you that much, then make a plan.” For example, if your partner doesn’t close the toothpaste, then get two – one for each of!
4. Being each other’s fans and motivators.
5. Making it a mission to do at least one nice thing for your partner every week. This doesn’t have to be something that costs money, even a gesture.

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We wish them a lifetime of happiness and growth together!