5 Celeb Friends Every Girl Should Have


Every woman should have, at the very least, one of these in her own group of close friends.

Boity, Your Friend In Health And Fitness


She is the girl who does not mind skipping drinks to go catch up with the treadmill. She is dedicated and full of energy. Most of her Instagram posts will end with #teamfitness and her cupboards at home are packed with gym tights, sports bras and protein supplements. She makes a good friend because she understands the value of hard work and is motivated by results.

Anele Mdoda Who, For Better Or For Worse, Will Always Tell It Like It Is


This girl lives by the saying “if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, looks like a duck, then it must a duck.” She does not understand the concept of sugar-coating and even though her remarks might sometimes come across as funny, the truth in them will definitely hit home. Therefore, always think before you laugh. A great friend to keep because she keeps you in a state of reality and awareness.

Khanyi Mbau, The Lavish Madame


If you have never heard of croissants or if you thought the only type of existing cheese was Gouda, then this girl will tell you otherwise. She loves everything luxurious and knows everything and everybody. Besides the fact that you learn something new every time you’re with her, like the right way to pronounce ‘Moet’ and ‘Bordeaux,’ this friend will teach you that the grass is always greener on the other side.

Somizi Mhlongo, The Unapologetic, Gay Friend


Bold and loud, this friend will always encourage you to take a risk. This friend is fearless and has an in-your-face attitude. A study in Psychology Today reports that women with more gay friends feel sexier and more self-confident than women without any gay friends. This is because gay men appreciate women differently when compared to a straight man. So ditch the boyfriend, hang out with the gay friend instead. You’ll get a confidence boost and have a fabulous time just by hanging out.

Basetsana Kumalo, The Friend With Her Own Business


She is assertive, a go-getter and is always the first to arrive when you have planned to meet because her time is her money. She is a great friend to keep because through building her business, she has gained insight and knowledge and knows that perseverance and endurance are important strengths. Never let her go because in times of darkness, she will be your light.