3 tips to protect your hair while swimming

3 tips to protect your hair while swimming

Whether you are still on holiday or swimming to get fit, your hair will take strain if you do not take care of it.

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Here are a few tips t keep your hair healthy while swimming:

1. Swimming cap. The best way to protect your hair is to wear a swimming cap when you’re in the water. That’s your first and best line of defence.

2. Don’t wash your hair before hitting the water. Avoid shampooing your hair before you jump into the pool because the shampoo will remove all the essential oils from both your scalp and hair, leaving them exposed to salt and chemicals present in the water. If you are swimming without a cap, wash your hair after each swim.

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3. Use an acidic shampoo afterwards.  Acidic shampoo brings down the pH level of your hair and to remove the harsh chemicals. The chlorine in the pool will increase the pH level of your hair making it prone to breakage. Remember to always condition your hair after washing it as this will help lock in the moisture.

Base your scalp with a nourishing oil to lubricate the scalp and replenish the lost nutrients.