Finding the perfect fit

Finding the perfect fit

Did you know that four out of five women wear the wrong bra size? Here’s the Playtex guide to help you find your perfect, comfortable fit.

Did you know?

  • Five out of 10 women have never been fitted for a bra.
  • A whopping 37% of women won’t try on a bra before they buy it.
  • The average woman owns seven bras, but none of them are a good fit.

Here are some signs that you’re wearing the wrong bra size, as well as how to fix it:

  • The band rides up the back – This means the bottom band is too big, so try a smaller size.
  • Your breasts spill out the cup, creating that dreaded double-boob effect – Wear a bigger cup size.
  • The underwire stands away from your body between your breasts – The cup is too small, so try a bigger size.
  • The cup fabric has wrinkles – The cup is too big, so try a smaller size for a smoother look.
  • The straps dig into your skin and leave marks – You’re not getting enough support around your body, so the straps are overcompensating and have usually been made too tight. Go down a band size to get the lift and right support.

So, how do you find your perfect fit? Ideally, you don’t just want a comfortable fit – you also want something that creates a flattering silhouette. That is possible if you use the handy Playtex sizing chart to help you meet your match. If you have small breasts that don’t require much of a lift, you can take your measurements while naked. Alternatively, wear a non-padded bra to centre your breasts then break out the measuring tape. 

Find your fit in three steps

While you can measure yourself, having your measurements taken by another person is the most accurate way to do it. And, all large Playtex retailers, such as Edgars and Truworths, offer the service for free. Remember that you will need to remove any bulky clothing to ensure that the measurements are correct.

1. Your band size. Measure your bottom band size in centimetres by fitting the tape snuggly around your rib cage just below your bust.

2. Your cup size. Measure your over-bust by fitting the tape gently yet firmly around your bust at the fullest point.

3. The sizing chart. Use our online sizing chart to find the merger between your bottom band measurement and over-bust size, and reveal your best-fitting bra size.

Once you’ve found your true size, shopping for underwear is no longer a tiresome exercise in guesswork. You also don’t have to worry about leaving with something uncomfortable and unflattering.

Top tip

Be sure to measure yourself every six months as your bra size may change throughout your lifetime thanks to changes in weight and hormonal shifts, such as pregnancy.

To find the handy sizing chart and more information, visit us here.

Happy shopping!

Playtex has been helping women find their perfect fit since 1962. To date, the company employs over 800 employees, has a local manufacturing plant and is the largest manufacturer of underwear in South Africa. It strives to provide you with comfortable, supportive and superior-quality underwear that’s both feminine and flattering. Best of all is they’re made in South Africa!