Find sunglasses to suit your face


Fashion Editor, Ayanda Ngcobo teaches us how to play the frame game and find the right shape sunglasses for all face shapes.

With so many cool sunglasses out there, it’s easy to get confused as to which one is the best for you. A good starting point would be to figure out the shape of your face and work your way from there. We get some help from a few overseas celebs to guide us in the right direction:

Oval shape



An oval shaped face is made up of balanced proportions meaning you generally have a narrow forehead, jaw line, chin and high cheekbones. Luckily for you, this is the one of the easiest shapes to find sunglasses for as pretty much any style will suit you. Celebs that have oval shaped faces are Kelly Rowland and Solange Knowles.

Sunnies that will suit you: Take a style tip from Kelly Rowland and be daring in a pair of over-sized shades – so hot for the summer season!

Round face


A round face has got very few sharp angles and the jaw line is not as defined as the other shapes. People with this shape have a fuller face, more especially cheek area. Your face is also equal in width (from cheek to cheek) and in length (from forehead to chin).

Sunnies that will suit you: King Bey is the perfect example of somebody with this face shape. She keeps it classic and cool in wayfarer and square framed style sunglasses.

Square face


If you have this face your defining features will be a defined jaw and square chin. You are also most likely to have a wide forehead. Celebs that have this shape include the gorgeous model, Tyra Banks and the funky British musician, Rita Ora.

Sunnies that will suit you: Be a fun trendsetter in round framed sunglasses. These are so cool; everyone will want to try them out this season.

Heart shape


A heart-shaped face like Rihanna or even Halle Berry consists of a wide forehead, sharp jaw line with high, defined cheek bones.

Sunnies that will suit you: Cat eye sunglasses will highlight the best features of your face and a pair of Aviators is also a good look for you to try.