8 tips to help your shoes last longer and look better

tips to help your shoes last longer

We spend a fortune on shoes, but rarely take steps to keep them in good nick. Follow these tips to help your shoes last longer and keep them looking better.

1. Take care of repairs. Do an inventory of the shoes in your wardrobe and give some TLC to the pairs that really need it. If they were expensive, or you love them dearly, take your shoes in for repairs to get heel-tips replaced and soles sorted. A professional job will help extend the life of your shoes considerably.

2. Start on the inside. Clean the insides of your shoes regularly. This will remove odours and bacteria. Simply wipe down with a soft cloth and rubbing alcohol.

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3. Get rid of scuffs. If your shoes are looking worse for wear, try toothpaste to remove scuffs on leather. For patent shoes, opt for petroleum jelly and for suede scuffs, rub with a pencil eraser.


4. Alternate your shoes. Wearing the same pair of shoes every day will wear them out quickly. Rotate the pairs you wear to give your shoes some breathing space in between. This will allow them to dry and help them last longer. And if you love a set of shoes so much you’re wearing nothing else, for goodness sake, go buy another pair!

5. Create a barrier. Socks, shoe-liners and stockings help guard against perspiration which causes the insoles of your shoes to wear away. They also help prevent odours and dirt building up inside your shoes. Secret socks are a good option if you don’t want your socks to show, and gel padding discs make heels comfier and help them last longer.

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6. Treat your shoes gently. Avoid throwing or kicking them around. Store them on a rack or a shoe-tree to keep their shape intact. Wear a different pair of shoes for driving to prevent scuffs on the backs of your shoes.

7. Keep things polished. Shoe polish is essential for leather shoes, The salt in perspiration dries out leather, leaving it feeling stiff. Polish will keep it soft, supple and nourished. For suede shoes, wipe off surface dirt and then use suede restorer to clean.


8. Add some protection. You can spray all new pairs of shoes with a waterproof protector to add some longevity. This will help protect your shoes from wet weather and its after-effects. It really makes a difference, so if you only remember one of these tips to help shoes last longer, make it this one!

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