5 tips to organise your wardrobe

tips to organise your wardrobe

It’s so much easier to look stylish if you can find your clothes easily! Follow these tips to organise your wardrobe and ensure you stay looking fashionable.

If “looking chic” is on your list of resolutions, a wardrobe reshuffle is probably on the cards. After all, when a wardrobe is organised, everything is easier to find. We share our top tips to organise your wardrobe – not only will everything be easier to find and match, we’re sure you’ll find a few items you forgot you had too…

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1. Take stock. Empty your wardrobe out, completely removing all your clothes. You should then take stock of what you want to keep and what you want to get rid of. Remove any items that don’t fit you, you haven’t worn in ages or that are completely out of date or do not suit your personal style.

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2. Pay it forward. You can donate or recycle any items that you no longer want. If you come across clothes that are torn or stained, see whether you can restore or mend them otherwise add them to the toss pile.

3. Keep things clean. Once your wardrobe is empty, sweep, dust and wipe it down thoroughly. You can also add a few scented sachets to the back of your wardrobe to keep everything smelling clean and fresh.

4. Sort things out. Decide where it makes the most sense to store items and group them together. For example, you may want to store leggings and tights in a drawer rather than a shelf. Use the front of the wardrobe for clothes you wear most often so they are easy to access. Lesser-worn items like formal wear should be stored toward the back.

Remember to consider seasons and occasions as well. For instance, keep jackets and coats together but group into those your wear during the day and those you wear at night.

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5. Make a list of what you need. Now that your cupboard is organised, you may have realised that you’re missing a few basics. Make a list of any items you need and keep it with you. Now, when you pop to the shops, you can check your list and see if there’s anything in store that fits your criteria.

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