3 ways to take care of your jewellery

ways to take care of your jewellery

Jewellery can be sentimental, special or just downright fabulous. It’s a part of our everyday wear, but can beome neglected. Let us show you how to show your bling some TLC with these top tips.

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1. Store it correctly. Jewellery boxes are a great idea as they generally feature a soft, plush lining which is gentle on stones and precious metals. However, you need to store different types of metals and stones separately to prevent scratches and dents. In addition, you should store your jewels away from sunlight, moisture and extreme temperatures. For best results, wrap individual pieces in tissue paper to prevent oxidising and unnecessary exposure to the elements.

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2. Handle with care. You should avoid allowing your jewels to come into contact with chemicals, oils and cosmetics – especially make-up and perfume. Therefore, it makes sense to remove your rings, bracelets and necklaces when cleaning, bathing or cooking. You should also put your accessories on last, once you have finished getting dressed and ensure that you have fastened them securely.

3. Keep things squeaky clean. Precious jewels should be cleaned professionally at a jeweller once a year to ensure they maintain their shine. Costume accessories on the other hand can benefit from gentle cleaning with a baking soda and water paste. However, you may want to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions.

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Other tips to bear in mind

  • Paint costume jewels carefully with clear nail polish to prevent tarnishing.
  • Consider storing your precious jewels separately in little fabric bags or pouches to prevent scratching.
  • Certain jewels need to be handled more gently, for example, pearls are extremely fragile and can be discoloured by chemicals including hair dye. Make sure you know what your more expensive jewellery is made of and how to take care of each element.
  • Take off your rings when getting your nails done. The light used to cure gel can impact the metal and stones.

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