Watch| Memorial service of Tokollo ‘Magesh’ Tshabalala

Close relatives and friends of  Kwaito star Tokollo ‘Magesh’ Tshabalala have gathered to pay their final respects at his memorial service.

Magesh who was a former member of the TKZee musical trio passed away on Monday after he suffered an epileptic seizure.

Family and friends of Tokollo shared his praises. Linda Mgcina, a friend of Tokollo’s  shared ‘In navigating this loss it’s important for me to remember how much richer my life has been as a result of my friendship with Tokollo. Tokollo you were selfless, you were generous, you were charismatic, you were charming. You were encouraging, you were talented, you were  were creative. Inspirational and full of fun, loved to smile and we always had much to laugh about. i am convinced that’s why we enjoyed eachother’s company.’

Another close friend of his, Lucky Ramepepe said ‘His humility, ladies and gentleman was out of this world. He had a big heart and he believed that things should be given out. He was giving and had unconditional love. Tokollo had a lot of wisdom that I think most of us were unaware of.’

‘He had a stromg belief that a person never dies and that their spirit lives on and I strongly believe that Tokollo is with us.’

Speaking on behalf of the family was his sister, Dineo Tshabala shared a heartfelt tribute.’Standing here is a little surreal, I still can’t believe it – but true to form. Tokollo had a way of surprising you so here we are.’ Adding, ‘Tokollo took his job as a brother very seriously, he loved everyone and he wanted everyone to feel loved… If yoy were going through something, Tokollo was there for you. Standing here in front of you and knowing my shield won’t be here. My own piece of armour is daunting but I know that he is always with me. I love you, we love you and I miss you.’

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Watch the funeral service of Tokollo ‘Magesh’ Tshabalala streamed live on eNCA below:

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